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Semafon™ app performs semantic search, i.e. finding meaningful words matching phone numbers. Such words are easier to memorize than seemingly random sequence of digits, plus they could selected to carry special meaning on a personal or business level. For example, 7-digit phone number: 263-7422 has the matching 7-letter word AMERICA, 639-9675 matches NEW-YORK, etc.


Semafon app supports 6 European languages (including Russian) with more that 50,000 words in its active search dictionary. Multi-lingual examples of phone number-text matches:

782-2377 - SUCCESS (English)
224-8864 - ACHTUNG (German)
235-3783 - CELESTE (Spanish)
226-8273 - CANTARE (Italian)
266-7647 - BONSOIR (French)
462-8452 - HOBUHKA (Russian)

and sample composite alpha-digital "vanity phone numbers":

266-3007 - BOND-007
686-2371 - NUMBER-1


Free Semafon™ Lite at Google Play: link


Enter the phone number up to 7 digit, select the language by its 3-letter code and click on the GET button. Search result will appear in the table filtered by language and minimal word length. The default filter setting is 4-letter English words. User can change this settings or get all unfiltered letter combinations (turn F/OFF).

The longest words found appear first in the upper table rows; the maximum word length of 7 letters corresponds to 7-digit phone number, as shown in previous examples. The chances to find 7-letter word in a random 7 digit number are relatively low (below 0.2%). There are better chances to find a 6-letter word in a random 7-digit, but still below 4%. It's much more possible to find some 5- or 4-letter word-plus-digits combination, or even two words combination composed, for example, of (4+3)-letter words, like 843-2378 corresponding to THE-BEST. Another example of (2+5)-letter words combination: number 467-6884 corresponding to the catch phrase GO-SOUTH, and so on.



Semafon developed by Infosoft International Inc, a New York Company. Email: info at (for business requests)